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Thornton Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

What do you do when you are having a party when all of a sudden someone drops and spills a tall glass of red wine all over the upholstery of your brand-new couch? For starters, you probably want to yell at the guest (although you likely do not do this), but instead grab a towel and began furiously patting down the furniture’s upholstery in hopes that the red wine does not stain. While you are obviously wishing and thinking to yourself that you hope it hasn’t left a stain, the moment you remove the towel from the upholstery you spot the proof: the accident has left a huge stain on your new furniture’s upholstery and it isn’t coming out anytime soon.

The night is ruined, the guest apologizes a million times, and you are sick to your stomach for days. You took pride in your new piece of furniture, and you are even considering throwing it away due to the stained upholstery of your furniture. You don’t want to do this (after all, you spent a considerable amount of money on a nice piece of furniture) but you do not know what to do. So what can you do?
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As the best upholstery cleaning experts in Thornton, CO, we make it our goal to help people to overcome their stained upholstery woes by helping them to make their furniture look like new in no time. No matter if you have an old piece of furniture you want restored or new furniture that unfortunately was stained prematurely like in the party scenario earlier, we can remove the stain and blemishes to make it look absolutely stunning once again. In fact, we can make it look as grand as the day you purchased it from the furniture store, and this is a guarantee that our upholstery cleaning crew in Thornton, Colorado will always keep.

We will begin cleaning your upholstery by arriving on time to your home and taking a sample of your upholstery. Because upholstery differs from furniture to furniture, it is crucial that we test this sample to ensure which tools and techniques we need to use to properly repair your furniture. If we failed to do this, not only would we fail to fix it, but we could permanently damage your upholstery as well. Thus, it is imperative that we perform this step.

Afterward, we will begin repairing your furniture to perfection. In the end, you will be unable to tell that your furniture ever had a blemish, stain, or discoloring to it after we have finished repairing it. Why wait? Let us repair your furniture immediately!

Call today: (303) 532-4902